Meet the Team

Chris - Founder


Hello my name is Chris; I am the founder of Lookout Archery.

It all started when I used to work for a local leisure company, after finishing college. I was running various outdoor activities when I was enrolled onto an archery instructors’ course. After the satisfying thud of my first arrow hitting the target I was hooked. I would arrive at work early before teaching so I could practice. Counting arrows in my sleep was more common than sheep by then.

I wanted to take things further activity seeking out local clubs to improve my archery, I joined various field & target archery clubs meeting new people & trying different equipment. Podium finishes on competitions and several county records later Lookout Archery was born.

We have been operating at High Lodge Thetford for over seven years establishing the business as the go to place for the best archery experience.

Megan - Instructor

Hi I’m Megan, I have been working at Lookout Archery since 2018. I became interested in archery due to my grandad having a passion for the sport.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help children learn new skills, when they hit the target for the first time you can see the excitement in their faces.

I’m still in education and studying animal management, I would like go to university to become a veterinarian nurse.

I have many hobbies including archery and have a love for dance which I’ve been doing for many years. 

  Harry - Instructor


Hi I’m Harry, I’ve been working at Lookout Archery since 2015. I most enjoy running the pre-booked family lessons where there’s lots of time to play different games and help everyone improve.

I’m currently at university where I’m studying accounting and business, in my free time I shoot for the university archery club.

My other main hobby is Bowls where I’ve played for England and competed at national championships.


Lookout Archery  07729 402009
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